Technical Circular No :106/2017

Subject : DGS NT Circular No. NT/LSA/02/2017 Reg. Equivalent testing post installation of replacement hooks of Lifeboat

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  • IMO vide MSC.1/Circ.1392 adopted “Guidelines for Evaluation and Replacement of Life Boat Release and Retrieval Systems” which requires that if the lifeboat is also a rescue boat and/or is installed on a cargo ship of 20,000 gross tonnage or above, on replacement of compliant hooks, a 5 knots post installation test of Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems, is to be carried out by the manufacturer or its representative and witnessed by the Flag or RO on its behalf:
  • The Directorate General of Shipping, GOI, has issued NT Circular No. NT/LSA/02/2017 dated 08 August 2017 (copy attached), allowing equivalent testing in lieu of actual conduct of 5 knots post installation test of replacement hooks under certain controlled conditions as stipulated below:

a. The equivalent 5 knots installation test to be carried out in a more controlled environment with the ship stationary whilst alongside or at anchor

b. Equivalent means may include the use of the wash from a vessel positioned forward of the launching position to create 5 knots current or the use of a 5 knots current from a river or tidal flow. It must be ensured that the water is moving at the required speed to a depth deeper than the survival craft draft.

c. The Company is to ensure that suitable safety provisions are in place and that a thorough risk assessment is conducted prior to the conduct of the 5 knots installation test, or agreed equivalent test.

d. In case where the Company applies equivalent means of conducting the 5 knots installation test, prior application is to be made to the concerned RO along with the risk assessment. Only after a satisfactory review of the risk assessment by concerned RO, the test to be conducted by the manufacturer or its representative and witnessed by RO on cargo ships.

e. For passenger ships, the Company must submit the application for equivalent means of conducting the 5 knots installation test along with the risk assessment to the concerned Principal Officer of the MMD for his review of risk assessment and witness of the test by Flag Surveyor.

f. No “sister ship” approach will be considered when dealing with the 5 knots installation test or agreed equivalent test required after the replacement hooks.

Ship owners/ operators and masters are advised to be guided by above.


  1. DGS NT Circular No. NT/LSA/02/2017, dated 08 August 2017.


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