Technical Circular No :093/2017

Subject : Panama circular on Validity of Color copies of Original Documents.

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  • Panama Maritime Authority has issued revised merchant marine circular MMC-313 providing information on validity of color copies of original documents.
  • Color copy of following documents will be issued as evidence of application is being processed; until the original documents are received onboard. These copies are valid for a period no longer than thirty (30) calendar days from the issue date of the document.
  1. Provisional / Permanent Navigational License,
  2. Provisional / Permanent Radio License,
  3. Certificate of Insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage (BCC),
  4. Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC),
  5. International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC),
  6. Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR),
  7. Exemption Certificates,
  8. Certificate of Insurance or other Financial Security in respect of Liability for the Death of and Personal Injury to Passengers (PAL),
  9. Certificate of Insurance or other Financial Security in respect of Liability for the Removal of Wrecks (WRC),
  1. Processing Certificate of Licenses / Rating / Endorsement, commonly called Transitory Certificate (CT).
  2. Courses Endorsement Certificate for Officers and Ratings.
  3. Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation (CICA).
  4. Dispensation Letter.
  5. Exemption Certificate.
  • In case of any query related to above document Administration to be contacted at:

Eng. Rina Berrocal

Chief of Segumar Panama 

+ 507 501-5348


General Directorate of Seafarer

Compliance and Enforcement Department | 

+507 501-5288 | 5082

  • Ship owners / operators and masters are advised to be guided by above.


  1. Panama Merchant Marine Circular MMC-313


This Technical Circular and the material contained in it is provided only for the purpose of supplying current information to the reader and not as an advice to be relied upon by any person. While we have taken utmost care to be as factual as possible, readers/ users are advised to verify the exact text and content of the Regulation from the original source/ issuing Authority.

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