Technical Circular No :124/2017

Subject: USCG marine safety alert reg. Leaky Lifejacket Lights.

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  • USCG has issued marine safety alert 09-17 regarding leaky lifejacket lights which relates to bulletin issued by Cruise Lines International Association on malfunction of lifejacket lights.
  • The safety alert concerns, Alcares water activated flashing lifejacket lights models Jack A1-ALK and Jack ARH-ALK, about leaking batteries and having incorrect battery expiration labels. Inspections on these discovered that over 3000 faulty lights were found non operational before their expiration date.
  • In view of above, USCG has recommended that
  1. Lifejackets with lights, especially those with automatic lights are to be stored in temperature and humidity controlled, water tight environments.
  2. Visual inspection and testing of lifejacket lights are to be conducted according to vessel carriage requirements as per SOLAS, LSA code etc. and manufacturer manuals.
  • USCG has advised owners/operators to check their lifejacket lights at the earliest for satisfactory operation and contact Alcares for any questions regarding leaking batteries or replacement of faulty lights.

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  1. USCG marine safety alert 09-17.


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