Technical Circular No:73/2018

Subject: Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) – Occupational Accidents, Injuries and Diseases (Panama Maritime Authority MMC-274)

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  • The Panama Maritime Authority vide its circular (MMC-274) revised in September, 2018 has established procedures in event of any serious marine casualty taking place on board Panamanian flagged vessels, resulting into injuries or loss of life.
  • In accordance with MLC, 2006 regulation 5.1.6 all maritime accidents shall be investigated by the marine accident investigation department of the Directorate of Merchant Marine, Panama.
  • All Ship owners/ Managers/ Operators must ensure that occupational accidents injuries and diseases are reported to Panama Maritime Authority on mail id: ⦁
  • Reporting of all marine accidents must be carried out as per the occupational accidents, injuries and diseases report form available in the MMC-274 available on-line in the Panama Maritime Authority website.


  1. Occupational accidents, injuries and diseases report form.


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