Technical Circular No. 021| 2017

Subject: : St. Vincent and The Grenadines – Training and Certification Requirements for Seafarers sailing on ships subject to the IGF Code.

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  1. Vincent and the Grenadines Maritime Administration has issued circular No. STCW 007(copy attached) providing training and certification requirements for seafarers sailing on ships subject to International Code of Safety for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels (IGF) Code.
  1. From 1st January 2017 onwards, the SVG Administration requires all applicable seafarers serving on board ships subject to the IGF Code to have a valid Certificate of Proficiency that relates to the IGF training appropriate to their assigned shipboard duties. IGF training should satisfy the requirements of STCW Code A-V/3.
  1. Seafarers responsible for designated safety duties associated with the care, use or in emergency response to the fuel on board ships subject to the IGF Code to hold a certificate in basic training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code.
  1. Masters, engineer officers and all personnel with immediate responsibility (a person being in a decision making capacity with respect to handling of fuel addressed by the IGF Code or other fuel related operations) for the care and use of fuels and fuel systems on ships subject to the IGF Code should hold a certificate in advanced training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code.
  1. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Endorsement of recognition is not required for Certificate of Proficiency issued under STCW Chapter V/3.
  1. Seafarers holding the basic and advanced Certificates of Proficiency should, at intervals not exceeding five (5) years, undertake appropriate refresher training or be required to provide evidence of having achieved the required standard of competence within the previous five (5) years.
  1. Ship owners / operators and masters are advised to be guided by above.


  1. Vincent and the Grenadines Marine Circular No. STCW 007


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