Technical Circular No.05 | 2016

Subject: National contact points responsible for safety and pollution prevention

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  1. MARPOL Annex I Regulation 37 requirements for oil tankers of 150 tons gross tonnage or more and all ships of 400 tons gross tonnage or more to carry an approved shipboard oil pollution plan (SOPEP)
  2. MARPOL Annex II Regulation 17 requires that all ships of 150 tons gross tonnage and above carrying noxious liquid substances in bulk to carry on board an approved shipboard marine pollution emergency plan for noxious liquid substances.
  3. The Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and the shipboard marine pollution emergency plan for noxious liquid substances can be combined into one referred to as a Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP).
  4. The shipboard emergency plans (SOPEP & SMPEP) should include a list of agencies or officials of administrations responsible for receiving and processing reports on incidents involving oil and/or harmful substances (List of National Operation Contact Points). MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.14 is attached for your immediate reference.
  5. Also the "List of national operational contact points responsible for the receipt, transmission and processing of urgent reports on incidents involving harmful substances including oil from ships to coastal States to be used for ship inspection purposes. MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.14 Annex 2 (SOPEP) - 31 December 2015.
  6. The documents mentioned above can be downloaded from the GISIS website at through its Contact Points module
  7. Ship Owners/Managers are requested to be guided by above.



  1. MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.14.
  2. MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.14 Annex 2 (SOPEP) - 31 December 2015.


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