Technical Circular No. 66 | 2016

Subject: Amendments to MLC 2006 – New compulsory financial security requirements relating to repatriation of abandoned seafarers and work injury compensation.

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  • Malaysian government has issued shipping notice NPM 09/2016 regarding amendments of 2014 to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. 
  • From 18th January 2017, all Malaysian registered vessels wherever they are, should at all times, maintain on board evidence of 
    1. Financial security – Standard A 2.5.2 – Repatriation
    2. Financial security– Standard A 4.2.1 - Shipowner’s Liability for contractual claims 
  • A copy of the certificate or documentary evidence of financial security must be posted in a conspicuous place onboard the vessel where it is available to the seafarers.
  • The financial security must only be obtained from approved security providers as listed in Appendix 1 of this shipping notice. 
  • Copies of financial securities must be provided to the Marine Department and designated RO for records.
  • DMLC  & MLC 
  • Marine department will prepare and issue revised DMLC Part I to shipowners no later than due date of ship’s first MLC renewal inspection . Shipowners will be required to update their DMLC part II to indicate compliance with the new DMLC Part I . This is to be done no later than first renewal inspection after 18th January 2017.
  • Existing Maritime Labour certificates and DMLC shall remain valid till ship’s first MLC renewal inspection after 18th January 2017.


  1. Malaysia Shipping Notice No. NPM 09/2016.


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