Technical Circular No:57/2018

Subject: St. Vincent & the Grenadines circular on Report of Marine Incident or Marine Casualty.

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  • Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) has issued circular no. GEN 023 providing reporting requirements in case of Marine Incident and Marine Casualty.
  • A marine casualty means an event, or a sequence of events, that has resulted in any of the following which has occurred directly in connection with the operations of a ship:
    • death or serious injury to a person;
    • loss of a person from a ship;
    • loss, presumed loss or abandonment of a ship;
    • material damage to a ship;
    • stranding or disabling of a ship, or the involvement of a ship in a collision;
    • material damage to marine infrastructure external to a ship, that could seriously endanger the ship’s safety, another ship or an individual; or
    • severe damage to the environment, or the potential for severe damage to the environment, brought about by the damage of a ship or ships.
  • A marine incident means an event, or sequence of events, other than a marine casualty, which has occurred directly in connection with the operations of a ship that endangered, or, if not corrected, would endanger the safety of the ship, its occupants or any other person or the environment.
  • In case of marine incident or marine casualty, Administration is to be advised by ship owner or master immediately by telephone or other means of electronic communication. The report on marine casualty or marine incident is required to be promptly forwarded to the Administration in the format provided under the annexure of the attached circular.
  • The persons in charge of the vessel involved in marine incident or marine casualty are required to keep the complete records of the voyage upon which the marine incident or marine casualty occurred, as well as any other material which might assist in the investigation and determination of the cause and scope of the casualty, for three years or until otherwise instructed by the
  • Ship owner is to ensure that steps are taken to preserve and collect VDR / SVDR data as soon as possible after a casualty and to provide with a copy of this data to the Administration in accordance with circular SOL 049.
  • In case, there are any serious injuries or deaths as a result of the Marine Casualty or Marine Incident, form “a Report on Occupational Accidents Resulting in Serious Injury or Loss of Life and Report of Occupational Disease” (provided in circular MLC 004) is required to be submitted for each death or serious injury.
  • ISM Code requires that all accidents and hazardous situations are reported to the Company, investigated and analyzed with the objective of improving safety and pollution prevention. The copy of this investigation report may be requested by the Administration.
  • Ship owners/ operators and masters are advised to be guided by above and comply with the requirements in case of marine incident or marine casualty, as failure to compliance with requirements may result in a fine.


  1. Vincent & the Grenadines Circular no. GEN 023


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