Technical Circular No:69/2018

Subject: Carriage of Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizer (non- hazardous).

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  • Reference is made to our Technical Circular No. 127/2017 dated 10th October 2017 regarding carriage of Ammonium Nitrate based fertilizer (non-hazardous).
  • INTERCARGO has now released a Casualty Investigation Report (copy attached) on the accident involving the carriage of Ammonium Nitrate based fertilizer (non-hazardous).
  • The Report states that in August 2017, the 2012 built supramax bulk carrier M/V CHESHIRE, en route from Norway to Thailand, fully loaded with cargo declared by the shipper as being “Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizer (Non-hazardous)” and not liable to self-sustaining decomposition, suffered cargo decomposition that led to rising temperatures in the cargo holds and the generation of toxic gases. The decomposition progressed throughout the length of the vessel to such an extent that, after several days, the vessel’s Master took the decision to evacuate the crew. The vessel was then left to drift under the supervision of the Spanish Authorities until being salvaged, but in the end, due to extensive damage, the vessel was declared a constructive total loss.
  • Ship owners, ship operators, and masters are advised to be guided by the attached Investigation Report and take extreme care and appropriate action, taking into account the provisions of relevant IMO instruments when handling and carrying Ammonium Nitrate based fertilizer (non-hazardous) in bulk.


  1. INTERCARGO Media Release dated 03 September 2018.


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