Technical Circular No:49/2018

Subject: Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 , Certification Process- (MMC-269).

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  • The Liberia Maritime Authority has issued Marine Operations Note 05/2018, dated 8 June 2018 (copy attached) providing Administration’s requirements with respect to recovery of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)/ SVDR data and reporting of casualty investigations.
  • The Master of the ship is to be familiar with the procedures for retrieving the VDR/ SVDR module containing the data on their own vessel and for the specific model of VDR/ SVDR on board. The vessel’s SMS should include a procedure for retrieval of the VDR/ SVDR data module prior to abandonment of the vessel.
  • A complete copy of the VDR / SVDR data, including the audio recording is to be saved to digital media, such as a DVD or flash drive, with any relevant instructions or required software to access the data, and to be sent to the Administration.
  • Every marine casualty is to be reported to the Administration at – as soon as possible. An initial report may be in the form of a simple notification, so that an investigation may be commenced immediately. The official notification of a marine casualty must be made using the RLM-109
  • Owners/ operators and masters of Liberian flagged vessels are advised to be guided by the attached notice.


  1. The Liberia Maritime Authority Marine Operations Note 05/2018, dated 8 June 2018.


This Technical Circular and the material contained in it is provided only for the purpose of supplying current information to the reader and not as an advice to be relied upon by any person. While we have taken utmost care to be as factual as possible, readers/ users are advised to verify the exact text and content of the Regulation from the original source/ issuing Authority.

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