Technical Circular No. 46 | 2016

Subject: Implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 – Ratification and Enforcement.

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  • The Government of India has ratified the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) on 09.10.2015 and same has come into force for India with effect from 09.10.2016.
  • The DGS, Govt. of India, has issued M.S. Notice No. 10 of 2016 dated 10-10-2016, clarifying that the existing Statements of Compliance for MLC, 2006 already issued to the Indian flag ships in respect of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 are deemed to be the 'Maritime Labour certificates' issued under Rule 24(7) of the M.S. (Maritime Labour Rules), 2016 and Regulation 5.1.3 of the MLC 2006.
  • However such Indian flag ships issued with Statement of Compliance for MLC, 2006 shall, within 1 year from 09.10.2016 i.e. before 09.10.2017 or before expiry of the validity of ‘Statement of Compliance for MLC 2006’ whichever is earlier obtain a fresh Maritime Labour Certificate. The process to obtain such fresh “Maritime Labour Certificate“ will be advised by DG Shipping in a separate Merchant Shipping Notice.


  1. S. Notice No. 10 of 2016 dated 10/10/2016.


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