Technical Circular No :103/2017

Subject : COSMO Notification Reg. partly missing insulation materials inside the fire doors.

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  • The COSMO Co. Ltd has issued a Notice Letter of quality issue (copy attached) informing that the insulation material inside some of the delivered fire doors were found to be partly missing and does not comply with the tested condition of MED-B certified products according to FTP code.
  • The root cause for above is stated as poor workmanship and it is expected that fire doors installed since November 2013 might be affected due to this.
  • The letter also states how to check the installation of insulation materials for delivered products and alternate solutions/ proposed temporary repair methods.
  • Ship owners/ operators and masters are advised to be guided by the attached letter.


  1. COSMO Co., Ltd Notice Letter of Quality Issue, dated 02 August 2017.


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