Technical Circular No:36/2018

Subject:Merchant Ships Anchorage Regulations in UAE

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  • Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime (FTA) of UAE administration has provided administration’s requirements and responsibility of ship with respect to anchoring in UAE waters vide circular no (10) 2018.
  • From 01/06/2018, all ships irrespective of size and type anchoring in UAE are required to obtain the anchorage permits from local competent authority (local maritime/ port authority) and comply with the requirements regarding designated anchorage area, compliance with national and international regulations, satisfactory working of navigational devices, equipment, lights, etc.
  • FTA may verify compliance by carrying out inspections onboard. FTA and Local competent authority may ban any merchant ship from anchoring in their water or may cancel the anchorage permission at any time and request ship to depart their waters.
  • Failure to depart the UAE waters after receiving FTA orders by more than 24 hours may result in banning of the ship as well as other ships belonging to same owner from calling UAE waters and ports. Additionally, other penalties and fines may be imposed by FTA or local competent authority.
  • Ship owners/ operators and masters are advised to be guided by above.


  1. Federal Transport Authority-Land & Maritime (FTA) circular no (10) 2018 on merchant ships anchorage regulations in UAE


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