Technical Circular No :085/2017

Subject : Brazil PSC – New Inspection Requirements for Aging Bulk Carriers

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  • Brazil has announced a new inspection requirement for aging bulk carriers. 
  • All bulk carriers of 18 years of age and above, intending to load a cargo with a density of 1.78 t/m3 or greater, such as iron ore, will be subject to an inspection by Port State Control upon arrival and prior to the commencement of loading.
  • The above new inspection requirement is in addition to the Mandatory Annual Condition Survey conducted on bulk carriers, Oil/Ore (OOs) and Oil/Bulk/Ore (OBOs) of 18 years age and above, when calling a Brazilian port, for loading solid bulk materials with specific weight equal to or greater than 1.78 t/m3. 
  • Ship Owners / managers and Masters of vessels calling Brazilian ports are advised to be guided by above and ensure compliance with the requirements. 


  1. RMI Marine Safety Advisory No. 28-17.



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