Technical Circular No:47/2018

Subject: DGS Engineering Circular No. 2 of 2018 Reg. Inclusion of holders of Dredge Grade COC for Manning of Dredgers operating under River Sea Vessel and Indian Coastal Vessel certification.

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  • The revised manning certificate of dredge vessels which have opted for survey and certification under Indian Coastal Vessels (CV) or River Sea Vessels (RSV), does not reflect the Dredge Grade-I and Dredge Grade-II certificate of competency holders as part of the engine side manning even though they were earlier part of the minimum safe manning of such vessels before the vessels conversion to RSV or CV certification.
  • Non-inclusion of Dredge Grade I & II CoC holders in the manning scale of dredge vessels operating under RSV and CV has resulted in non-acceptance of Dredge Grade CoC holders on these vessels.
  • In view of above, Directorate General of Shipping, GOI, vide Engineering Circular No. 2 of 2018, dated 12 June 2018 (copy attached) has now issued following clarification:
    • The manning requirements for Dredgers which are operating under RSV and CV certification will also form the part of the DGS Engineering Circulars 06 of 2015 and 07 of 2015 providing manning requirements for Indian Coastal Vessels (CV) and River Sea Vessels (RSV) respectively.
    • The Dredge Grade I CoC holder in the capacity of Chief Engineer and Dredge Grade II CoC holder in the capacity of Second Engineer will also be reflected in the engine manning of the safe manning document in addition to the other grades of CoC holders mentioned already in all the tables of aforementioned circulars.
    • Dredge vessels fitted with engine power less than 3000 kW ships and operating under RSV or CV certification may also be manned by Dredge Grade II CoC holders with 12 months experience as Chief Engineer.
    • Owners/ managers / operators of Dredgers operating under RSV/CV certification are therefore advised that they may approach the Registrar of the vessel for issuance of revised Minimum Manning Document to include the requirements of the attached circular for manning of their vessels


  1. DGS Engineering Circular No. 02 of 2018, dated 12 June 2018.


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