Technical Circular No :118/2017

Subject: RMI Marine Safety Advisory on use of new satellite mobile communication services.

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  • Noting that new Satellite Mobile Communication services are now available and are being offered to the maritime industry, the Administration of Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), vide Marine Safety Advisory No. 38-17 (copy attached) has advised that any RMI vessel intending to use new satellite service must have their ship radio station licenses amended prior to use of such services.
  • The new satellite mobile communication services includes new constellation of Inmarsat – 5 ku- band, Ka – band, and C- band satellites. Also Inmarsat offer broadband mobile communication via their Global Xpress ( GX) satellite service which operates within Ku- Band 10.7-14.5 GHz , Ka- Band 17.7- 30.0 GHz and C- band 7- 6.42 GHz  frequency range.
  • The RMI Administration has recommended that interested parties to contact their radio providers for any specific information regarding any new satellite service, and then make appropriate and timely arrangement to amend their ship radio station licenses prior to the use of that satellite service.     
  • Ship owners / operators and masters are advised to be guided by above. 


1. Republic of Marshall Island  Marine Safety Advisory (MSA no. 38-17)           


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