Technical Circular No. 57 | 2016

Subject: Panama Administration merchant marine circular (MMC-342) reg. implementation of IMO Resolution A.1088 (28) (BWMC).

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  • Ballast water management convention will come in to force from 08th September 2017.
  • Panama Flag administration has adopted resolution A.1088.(28) of 4th December 2013 in order to support a phased implementation and ensure smooth transition to the D-2 performance standard of the convention between 2017 an 2022.    
  • The vessels to comply with regulation D-2 (installation of BWMS) by the first IOPP renewal survey after 8th September 2017.
  • Panama administration has issued Merchant Marine Circular MMC-342 (copy attached) for de-harmonizing of IOPP certificate due dates from the HSSC system of the statutory certificate for their vessels to allow the renewal of IOPP survey before implementation date of BWMC (due 8th September 2017).
  • Ship owners and managers intending to prepone the IOPP renewal survey may forward their request to Panama administration for approval on case-by-case basis.
  1. Class Status Report
  2. Confirmation from the RO providing proposed date and place to carry out in advance the IOPP renewal survey.
  • Preponed renewal survey of IOPP certificate complying all the requirements to be completed in afloat condition.
  • Ship owners/ operators and masters are advised to be guided by above


  1. Panama Administration Merchant marine circular MMC-342 reg. Implementation of IMO resolution A.1088 (28).


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